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11 April 2009 @ 02:18 pm
Welcome (Back) To My Life  
So, it's been several months to a year since I last even really looked at my livejournal account. I doubt anyone here really even remembers me, if I was ever even a part of their little communities. That doesn't really bother me.

Okay, maybe it bothers me a little. But only a little. It's not super important to me. You all are just internet people anyway. It's a different breed of people.

Anyway. The point is...I'm kinda sorta back. Back in the sense that I now log onto my computer more often than every few weeks. It's more like once a week, or more. I took a break, having moved in with my boyfriend across the country. But now that things have calmed down a bit, and I've settled into a routine, I decided I needed to come back. Not for the internet people. Gosh no.

I've come back because this is the perfect place to call home. I don't have to talk to anyone I don't want to, and I can say whatever I want. I can use this to keep everyone across the country from me up to date on my life. Or as up to date as I care to keep them/they care to keep. It's a two-way street. Just as I have to put forth the effort to type all this out, they have to put forth the effort to read it.

So, what's new with me, that I bother to post, you ask? Surprisingly little, and yet, amazingly much. I still sit on my ass and do a whole lot of nothing, but it's in an apartment across the country in Ohio. An apartment that my flimsy little cashier's job at Kohl's helps to pay rent on. That's right, I have a job. A job that I walk to, because I have yet to bother with learning to drive. Not that I don't need to now more than ever...

Harold works down the street at Wal-Mart. He constantly comes home angry or sad. He hates every second of his job, and I'm so pathetic I can't do a thing to help him. I'm too chickenshit to learn to drive, even though there are all sorts of people who would teach me if I asked. He tries so hard to get me involved in his writing, but I'm so uncreative, I can't bring myself to help him. I don't know what it is he wants from me, but he won't stop trying. He's always sick. I don't think he's been well a day since I got here, and he won't do a thing to help himself. He doesn't take time off. Days that he has off, he spends cleaning the house, because my lazy ass doesn't take care of it when I get home from work.

Speaking of work, it's tiring. I only work part time, but I can't imagine working full time. I don't know how I would ever get anything done. Not that I get a whole lot done as it is, but I'm sure I'd get less done that way. Perhaps it would be worth it, though, since we'd have about twice as much money from me, which translates to enough money to sit easy on bills, rather than worry about them and all the little surprise charges that pop up.

We spend so much money on whatever the hell we feel like spending it on that we rarely have the appropriate money for groceries on hand. We somehow always manage to pay our bills, though God only knows how. When we finish spending money on bills, we buy minimal groceries. We've actually had to break into our ramen noodle stockpile lately. I often forget that I like to eat meat, so it's always a surprise when we can afford to buy something that has real meat in it, and not stuff like pepperoni or re-hydrated beef chunks.

I can't really complain about that though. I'm still alive, and when we buy food, it's always tasty. Of course, it's always centered around what he likes to eat and drink. I can't even be upset about that, since he earns the majority of the money. He earns it, and then spends both of our paychecks. There are all sorts of practical things I'd like to spend it on, but it's always overrode by him. He sees something he wants/"needs", and I can't help but let him get it, because he works so hard, and is always so upset when he gets home. It only placates him for a little while, and then he's right back to where he was before, unfortunately. Maybe one day I'll be able to make him happy, rather than just momentarily giddy over something I let him get.

I have a cat. Well, two cats, actually. We bought one of them as a kitten. Her name is Tesla. She's an adoreable thing, even if she is a terror. She's an American Shorthair (I think), and a calico. Absolutely gorgeous. And spoiled rotten. She gets pretty much whatever she wants. Even if it's not right away, she knows that she owns us. Then there's Godric. Harold picked him up from the cardboard dumpster at his work, and he's been with us ever since. He's a mellow cat, and he's finally started to gain himself some weight back, which I'm happy about. He's even started playing every now and again. He's a little skittish, but he's the friendliest thing you've ever met.

We bought the new NDSi when it came out last week, and Harold does love it, so I can't be upset at the purchase.

I realized that I had the last Twilight audiobook for several months just a few days ago, so I'm happily listening to it. I don't really know what I'm going to listen to once I finish it off, but I guess we'll see from there. I forgot what an ordeal reading a story is for me. I get stressed out over it, and nothing sits right until I finish it and finally know what happens to everyone.

I think I've become obsessed with giving out answers on Yahoo!Answers... It's an odd hobby, considering I really know very little. However, it is entertaining to see the kind of stupid stuff people ask.

I'm sure I've got more to say, but right now I'm becoming distracted. I had to be at work at 6:45 this morning, and I only just got off an hour ago. Plus the house smells like Godric-crap. Which is one of the furthest things from pleasant that there is.

I'll post an entry again when the fancy strikes me. Yanno, update everyone on my miserable existance. Not that anyone cares, but it's nice that it's there.
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Katosanzo_chama on April 11th, 2009 09:08 pm (UTC)
Oh! You got another cat?


aidanmontague: Boredaidanmontague on April 12th, 2009 03:59 pm (UTC)
He's an ugly kitty. But very noble. I guess he's not really ugly.

Very un-photogenic, though.

Perhaps I will post piccies of him the next time I posts. -nods-

I have to get a decent one, first. xP
Katosanzo_chama on April 12th, 2009 05:00 pm (UTC)
There's no such thing as an ugly cat.


Hairless cats.

never mind, yes there is.

But no cat with hair is ugly.