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04 July 2009 @ 03:10 pm
And Sometimes Things Actually Change!  
I still hate my manager...but she's started to actually treat my like a human being, and that actually makes me really happy. Like, it's made my job enjoyable again. She actually makes me feel like maybe I'm better at my job than I thought. I'm like her personal assistant. I keep things running well, and she asks me to help her when she needs it. She even tells me why I should do what I'm doing. I'm actually really excited about that.

Since that's happened, I've gone back to not hating my job. As much. Most days.

Some days it still really sucks.

The entire misses side of the registers no longer reads debit cards. It only takes credit. No one's seen fit to fix that. The first register on the misses side doesn't work right anymore. The register drawer doesn't open, so you can't give change. The register that they want us to work at is starting to slow down. The pin pad doesn't work at it at all anymore. It prints a signature slip for every transaction that's not cash or check. Which is very annoying.

I used to really enjoy working on the misses side of the registers...and it's still fun. Just more work. Who's surprised that that's where they've started throwing me?

They've also started scheduling me almost exclusively for mornings. Which I guess is okay...because I'd have to be up that early anyway, to pick Harold up from work...
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