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17 April 2010 @ 01:24 am
So...um...hi again? Nearly a year ago, now...wow, I need to pay more attention to these things. So much to share, now...

Where to start?

Let's see...I guess work is as good a place as any.

That one manager that I hated? She quit. Just out of the blue one day, I came into work, and she wasn't there anymore...so her position was up for grabs. Of course I applied, and I felt I had a pretty decent chance at getting the management position...unfortunately for me, I don't drive, and I'm only 21. Being young and inexperienced doesn't bode well for the job promotion, ever. I didn't get it, and actually the job went to someone who knew less about it than me. Very, very frustrating. As were all the changes she thought she'd implement. The good side? It's a lot of work, and a lot of responsibility. If you know me, you know those are things I tend to shy away from. Sure, I'm not getting paid manager's salary...but I also don't have to smile and give every asinine customer whatever the fuck they want. Also? I've got an in with a manger now. Since I know how to do her job (better than her, I might add, even after her training), she comes to me whenever she needs to know how to do something. She'll always assume I know more than her, and she'll always let me slide when I don't do things she wants me to do.

So, I didn't get the promotion, and I'm still exactly where I was this time last year. Except...I have a new store manager who seems to think the world of me. I've applied for several different positions at the store, and each time I was overlooked for the position. Each time I was called into his office, and each time he informed me that, although I didn't get the position, they were all very impressed with me, and everyone respected me quite a lot, which is...really saying something since I've only been working there a year, and I really only know how to run a cash register.

Funny thing...they like me where I am so much, that they won't even consider teaching me to do anything else. I've finally managed to win that battle, to some degree. I'm now occasionally scheduled to do overnight price changes...which is always fun, even when I'm absolutely exhausted afterwords.

Anyway...moving on.

I've finally procured my permit, and now am a step closer to learning how to drive. That manager that I hated from work? She gave me her old car when she bought a new one. Like...literally gave me the car. She even paid to have the title signed over. It made me feel a little guilty for hating her...but I mean...I probably wouldn't have hated her if I hadn't worked underneath her...she seemed to be a decent lady, for the most part...just....annoying as hell.

I neglected the car for so long it won't start, now. My dad said it was probably the battery, so I'm in the process (slowly), of getting it fixed up so I can drive it. Once that happens, I can take it across the street to the church parking lot and start learning how to drive. I'm terrified, by the way. It took me forever to just turn the key and turn the car on...I had to have someone sit in the car with me the whole time. I have a year to learn to drive...hopefully I'll make progress soon.

We now have another cat. She kinda...migrated into our home. Originally we were just babysitting while our friend relocated his possessions to a new apartment. But you know...things happen. And he ended up just moving in with his grandmother...and as such he couldn't take his cat back. She's sweet as can be, but she and Tesla don't get along in the slightest. If I didn't have Tesla, I'd probably love the newbie. She's growing on us, though, and she's better off here than with our friends' old roommates. So, I guess she's stuck with us.

I filed my first set of taxes, ever...I still don't understand the system, and it just serves to piss me off. How hard is it for the government to take what they want out of my paycheck over the course of a year? Like, is it too much to ask that they do that slowly, rather than demand money all at once? I kinda never have that kind of money just sitting around. Not that we really had to pay too much, but...it's still frustrating.

We bought a lamp for the apartment, finally. Over a year after we first moved in, we finally decided that maybe we'd like to have light in the living room after the sun set. I mean, for a while we were just using old Christmas lights and Halloween lights. And that was/is pretty rad...but this lamp thing is sweet as hell.

We're slowly getting the house tidied up, which is both awesome and frustrating. Supposedly the state is dropping by to install weatherstripping to our drafty windows for the coming winter season...and we need to have everything in such a state that they don't have to trip over things to get to our walls. It's hard, cause I'm not a good cleaner-upper. I hate doing housework, and rarely have enough time to do it...but now I don't have a choice, so it's happening.

The sinks full of dishes have shrunk to a sink, and a part of a countertop. This would be faster/easier if our dishwasher actually worked, but it hasn't ever run...I tried once, but it just leaked water all over the floor and didn't drain like it was supposed to. Not worth all the work it took. Hopefully when the state comes by, we can get the maintenance folks to patch it up, and the dishes won't stack up as much.

The bedroom is organized for the most part, and it's really...awesome...feeling....to have a clean and organized room.

We've discovered the magic of Netflix and are totally addicted. It's so amazing, all the things that it has to offer. I've watched so much TV lately...Dexter, Rescue Me, and just....classic movies that I never got the chance to see.

I've become a hardcore Rock Band addict, even if I can't play on any difficulty above Medium. It's still fun, and I still invest way too much money into it.

In the past year I've grown up a lot. I've actually started acting like an adult. Balancing bills and funtime, cleaning up the house, and keeping food in the house for us and the cats. It's really pretty awesome to be a grown-up.

I've gone through a lot of sadness, being away from everything I ever grew up with, and living so far away from my family and friends. It's hard, knowing that I can't just call up my mom and see her within half an hour. Or to know that I can't just ring Kristin up out of the blue and arrange a time for her to pick me and my sister and Cory up to run and see some random movie in theaters that I've been dying to see.

But I think the hardest part has been coming to terms with the fact that I'm an adult now. I'm probably never going to move back to Washington. And even if I do, life's never going to be what I remember it being. My parents are selling the house I grew up in, and they and my sister are moving down south. I don't know anyone who lives in Sultan, anymore...and even the ones I know, I don't remember/like all that well. My friends have all grown up and moved away also. It'd be too hard to arrange a time or place that'd be convenient for all of us to get together. Hell, I can't even just pick up the phone to call any of them anymore, because I live 3 hours in the future, and everyone has jobs and school and...family and friends to hang out with.

I'm all alone over here. I don't drive, so I don't go far from home. I can't just decide to meet up with people after work, because I don't have any way to get to the location. But that's the next hurdle I tackle. And I'm sure I'll grow up even more from that.

Overall? I think I like what I'm turning into. Even amongst the bumps and bruises I've suffered/am suffering, I'm persevering. I'm facing my issues, instead of hiding behind people and things. And I'm a stronger person for it. And there's a whole future out there for me to explore.

I know I've promised this before...but for real this time. I'm going to update this thing. So please keep an eye on it, alright? Maybe not every week, since I don't even get on my computer every week anymore...but at least once a month. Please don't forget about me?
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Katosanzo_chama on April 17th, 2010 08:49 pm (UTC)
Nope! IMVU?
aidanmontagueaidanmontague on April 18th, 2010 04:39 am (UTC)
Ha! Yeah right. You know better than that.
Katosanzo_chama on April 18th, 2010 04:19 pm (UTC)
Just thought I'd try. XD

What happened to your MSN?
aidanmontagueaidanmontague on April 18th, 2010 05:14 pm (UTC)
It irritates the he'll out of me, so I never log in anymore.
Katosanzo_chama on April 18th, 2010 05:49 pm (UTC)
LOL that sounds like you. Any other way to chat outside of here?

Hmm, have you tried LJ chat?
aidanmontagueaidanmontague on April 18th, 2010 09:37 pm (UTC)
Nah. I haven't. But I don't really log in here often, so probably not gonna use it.
Katosanzo_chama on April 18th, 2010 10:20 pm (UTC)
Makes sense.