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19 April 2010 @ 06:24 pm
New Doctor Who  
So, yanno, new season of Doctor Who is going on. New Doctor....what the hell is up with him? A bow tie? Um...when was that ever a cool choice.

Also? Ugly as hell. But I can't say I dislike him. He seems a decent kinda guy. Hard to judge him on the first episode, as his character is still evolving into this new Doctor that he is. I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy this season. Some pretty neat stuff seems to be in store. And I've never watched Doctor Who in real time. With all that...waiting...for the new episode. Yay?

Been playing copious amounts of Pokemon recently. Obtained both Flying and Surfing Pikachu within the first week of the event. Flying seems to be pretty hard to catch though, since I've only caught Surfing since then. But it's cool, since I have what I needed, and I was just going for bonus/extra Pikachus.

Did my first -real- overnight at work last night. Price changes. I enjoy price changes. We go in right before/right after the customers all leave for the day, and we're locked into the building. We can say whatever we feel like saying, no need to censor ourselves because of the customers, cause they're not there. We can joke around and we get to see all the neat stuff that's going clearance. Just last night I goaded my manager into spending easily 50 dollars on clearance bras and panties. They were cute, in my defense. And she seemed quite pleased about it.

If I had to choose a part of price changes that I don't like, it would be changing prices on costume jewelry. It sucks. There's so much of it, and it's all so close together, and not much of it actually changes price. But I get to see some pretty neat stuff.

Anyway. I worked until 6:30 this morning, then caught a ride home, and then a ride to Wal-mart to pick up Harold and some essential groceries. Such as cat litter for my mean kitties. And some real food. Like Hamburger Helper Stroganoff. Good stuff. And Banquet meals. At $.88 a pop, they're a good bargain.

Yeah, I realize I don't have a whole lot to actually talk about, but...I wanted to update anyway. My life can be pretty boring sometimes.

In case you were curious, my Facebook has actual pictures of me. Lame as they are...And once I get the house in order, I'll post pictures of the house. Though they'll probably be on the DSi. Cause my digital camera went broken. And deleted all my pictures. I hates it.
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