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27 April 2010 @ 12:37 am
So, I pretty much love Facebook. It lets me get in touch with people I haven't talked to in YEARS. And that's super-awesome, cause I have no idea how else I would have ever tracked them down...

But now that I'm in touch with them, we can try and make up for lost time...even if I am all the way across the country from them. Which is sad...but perhaps I'll be able to arrange a time to come back home and visit everyone. That would be super-rad.

I spent an hour sorting out the wires to my speakers today...but now that I've sorted it out, the stereo sounds terrific. And now that it's all sorted? I can listen to music all over the house, which is good motivation to actually clean said house. I mean, not that there's ever a lot of motivation to clean it, but if I must, at least I'll have something to listen to. And that means I can break back into all those cds I have burned over the years. I thought I had more cds than I've found, but I guess it's not a big deal. I can always buy/burn more of them.

Recently it occurred to me that perhaps I should try watching some Gundam. Harold told me that he was pretty sure I'd like Gundam Wing the most, or that even if I didn't, it was a good place to start. So I've watched ten episodes...which is all we own...and I'm waiting on Netflix to send me more so I can find out what happens next. I'm pretty much in love with it. Which translates directly into how much Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 I have played recently. In fact, that's what I really want to do right now...but I'm trying to show myself I can go a day without playing it. Technically, it's after midnight, so I guess I could play some...but I want to make sure I do some dishes first. So I can at least show I've made some progress on this house.

We've made it to the part of the year where the weather warms up. It's been decent, but it means the A/C runs constantly, since Harold doesn't much like it to be above 69 in the house. I don't mind that, but I usually turn it up at night, so the temperature is comfortable to sleep in.

I really wish I had a digital camera that wasn't broken. I've finally become comfortable enough I could take some pictures...but of course, all I've got is my laptop's webcam, and the camera on the DSi. Neither of which are what I wanna use.

Anyway. At this point, I'm just rambling. And stalling, cause once I'm done here, I promised myself I'd go do a few sinks of dishes. And I hate dishes. I feel that there's something I'm forgetting to mention. But I suppose if there is, I can always post again...
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