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30 May 2010 @ 05:18 pm
It's been longer than a month. And I promised monthly updates...but you know. I'm a busy girl. I mean, not really...but I do slack off a lot, and then I forget what I've promised/decided to do. I should just stop promising things. Anyway, update, update.

I still haven't learned how to drive. I have my permit, so one would assume it would be simple. One would be incorrect.

Not a lot has changed, really. Still working at Kohl's. Still an under-appreciated staff member who basically does her managers' jobs for them. Except I recently got chewed out for being sad at work. I'm usually very upbeat and positive at work, with a smile for every customer, and a laugh and a joke for every associate. But I've been stressed out recently, and so I went to work (because I had to), and I was a bit sad. I told a customer that I couldn't give them their discount, because the coupon had expired. (Now, bear in mind, they'd already used the coupon the day before, but they returned all the merchandise, and wanted to use it on the purchase they were now making). I mean, logically, when the coupon redemption date has ended, one would assume it would be okay to tell them that it had expired. And honestly? I didn't even say "You can't use this". I said. "Yeah, it expired yesterday..."

And I did it in front of one of my managers. And about two hours later, I get called back to the office, where two of my managers are sitting. They proceed to ask me if there's anything bothering me, and what the deal was with the customer I told 'no'. Apparently it's not okay to be sad/stressed out/angry at work. And apparently my personal life is completely their business.

I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, but I kinda figure that if they want me to do something different, all they have to do is say "Hey, Kyla. The coupon's always good. Never say no to the customer, okay? Also, do your job better. Smile bigger." I respect that a lot more than some namby-pamby bullshit "Tell me how you feel, and what's wrong, okay? Cause, you're usually so much happier, and we're worried about you."

But I digress. I assume that'd been coming for a while, because they also touched on my refusal to vacuum/wash the windows. As she said: "Your job is whatever we tell you to do. Just like my job is whatever the store manager tells me to do. If he tells me to walk out in the parking lot and pick up a piece of poop off of the ground, then that's my job. We all help out wherever we're needed. [Supervisor above me] helps out on the floor when we need her, and I ring registers when you need me to. So if we tell you to vacuum/wash windows/fold clothes, then that's what you do."

I wanted to hit her. I cried. Out of anger, frustration, and sadness. I actually feared for my job for a bit.

Anyway. That's several weeks ago now. She's earned herself an enemy. I never liked her to begin with. Even when we first hired her, we had our differences. Now she's just earned herself a one-way ticket to "Go fuck yourself" land. Wherein the rules are like this. If she calls me at home to try and get me to come in to cover a shift, the answer will always be no. If someone else calls me to cover a shift, and she's a manager I'd have to work with, I say no. If I am called in to cover a shift, and we're closing, and she's the closing manager? The answer's no. In fact, no matter what she asks me, if I have an option to say 'no', then I will. I don't talk to her unless I absolutely have to. And she still thinks she's queen of the universe.

As for the state coming to weatherproof our house? Never fucking happened, cause they're douchebags. We moved our furniture around, and everything. And it didn't happen, cause...they didn't feel like coming, I can only assume.
The kitchen of dishes is slowly piling back up, and even though we have a vacuum that works, I haven't done a whole lot of vacuuming. In fact? I've done very little housework. But I've just been so exhausted lately, I don't want to do anything.

It's very hot outside. Walking to and from work sucks now. The grass along the path I take is now up to my chin, and when it rains I arrive to work drenched from my chin down, and covered in grass particles. There's a dead raccoon on the side of the road that I have to walk by every day that I go to or come home from work. He smelled awful the first few days, but he's nothing more than a few scraps of fir and a bunch of bones now. Kinda creepy, kinda cool.

The A/C works like a dream, after it broke again this year. We had the same problem last year. At least this time we got it fixed the next day. One night spent sweating like a pig and trying to sleep through it is more than enough.

I've recently got into Magic: The Gathering cards again. I say again very loosely, as I was really only interested in the art before, but now I intend to kinda sorta play. And by that, I mean that I will learn how to play, and then maybe play against my husband once or twice.

Anyway. I'm exhausted, and I hurt everywhere, and feel slightly ill. I'm going to say I'm done with this entry. I'll talk at you people (I'm talking hopefully, as I assume/hope there's more than one of you reading this stuff) in the near-future. As always, I'm available at Facebook if you really want life updates in real-time.
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27 April 2010 @ 12:37 am
So, I pretty much love Facebook. It lets me get in touch with people I haven't talked to in YEARS. And that's super-awesome, cause I have no idea how else I would have ever tracked them down...

But now that I'm in touch with them, we can try and make up for lost time...even if I am all the way across the country from them. Which is sad...but perhaps I'll be able to arrange a time to come back home and visit everyone. That would be super-rad.

I spent an hour sorting out the wires to my speakers today...but now that I've sorted it out, the stereo sounds terrific. And now that it's all sorted? I can listen to music all over the house, which is good motivation to actually clean said house. I mean, not that there's ever a lot of motivation to clean it, but if I must, at least I'll have something to listen to. And that means I can break back into all those cds I have burned over the years. I thought I had more cds than I've found, but I guess it's not a big deal. I can always buy/burn more of them.

Recently it occurred to me that perhaps I should try watching some Gundam. Harold told me that he was pretty sure I'd like Gundam Wing the most, or that even if I didn't, it was a good place to start. So I've watched ten episodes...which is all we own...and I'm waiting on Netflix to send me more so I can find out what happens next. I'm pretty much in love with it. Which translates directly into how much Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 I have played recently. In fact, that's what I really want to do right now...but I'm trying to show myself I can go a day without playing it. Technically, it's after midnight, so I guess I could play some...but I want to make sure I do some dishes first. So I can at least show I've made some progress on this house.

We've made it to the part of the year where the weather warms up. It's been decent, but it means the A/C runs constantly, since Harold doesn't much like it to be above 69 in the house. I don't mind that, but I usually turn it up at night, so the temperature is comfortable to sleep in.

I really wish I had a digital camera that wasn't broken. I've finally become comfortable enough I could take some pictures...but of course, all I've got is my laptop's webcam, and the camera on the DSi. Neither of which are what I wanna use.

Anyway. At this point, I'm just rambling. And stalling, cause once I'm done here, I promised myself I'd go do a few sinks of dishes. And I hate dishes. I feel that there's something I'm forgetting to mention. But I suppose if there is, I can always post again...
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19 April 2010 @ 06:24 pm
So, yanno, new season of Doctor Who is going on. New Doctor....what the hell is up with him? A bow tie? Um...when was that ever a cool choice.

Also? Ugly as hell. But I can't say I dislike him. He seems a decent kinda guy. Hard to judge him on the first episode, as his character is still evolving into this new Doctor that he is. I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy this season. Some pretty neat stuff seems to be in store. And I've never watched Doctor Who in real time. With all that...waiting...for the new episode. Yay?

Been playing copious amounts of Pokemon recently. Obtained both Flying and Surfing Pikachu within the first week of the event. Flying seems to be pretty hard to catch though, since I've only caught Surfing since then. But it's cool, since I have what I needed, and I was just going for bonus/extra Pikachus.

Did my first -real- overnight at work last night. Price changes. I enjoy price changes. We go in right before/right after the customers all leave for the day, and we're locked into the building. We can say whatever we feel like saying, no need to censor ourselves because of the customers, cause they're not there. We can joke around and we get to see all the neat stuff that's going clearance. Just last night I goaded my manager into spending easily 50 dollars on clearance bras and panties. They were cute, in my defense. And she seemed quite pleased about it.

If I had to choose a part of price changes that I don't like, it would be changing prices on costume jewelry. It sucks. There's so much of it, and it's all so close together, and not much of it actually changes price. But I get to see some pretty neat stuff.

Anyway. I worked until 6:30 this morning, then caught a ride home, and then a ride to Wal-mart to pick up Harold and some essential groceries. Such as cat litter for my mean kitties. And some real food. Like Hamburger Helper Stroganoff. Good stuff. And Banquet meals. At $.88 a pop, they're a good bargain.

Yeah, I realize I don't have a whole lot to actually talk about, but...I wanted to update anyway. My life can be pretty boring sometimes.

In case you were curious, my Facebook has actual pictures of me. Lame as they are...And once I get the house in order, I'll post pictures of the house. Though they'll probably be on the DSi. Cause my digital camera went broken. And deleted all my pictures. I hates it.
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17 April 2010 @ 01:24 am
So...um...hi again? Nearly a year ago, now...wow, I need to pay more attention to these things. So much to share, now...

Where to start?

Let's see...I guess work is as good a place as any.

That one manager that I hated? She quit. Just out of the blue one day, I came into work, and she wasn't there anymore...so her position was up for grabs. Of course I applied, and I felt I had a pretty decent chance at getting the management position...unfortunately for me, I don't drive, and I'm only 21. Being young and inexperienced doesn't bode well for the job promotion, ever. I didn't get it, and actually the job went to someone who knew less about it than me. Very, very frustrating. As were all the changes she thought she'd implement. The good side? It's a lot of work, and a lot of responsibility. If you know me, you know those are things I tend to shy away from. Sure, I'm not getting paid manager's salary...but I also don't have to smile and give every asinine customer whatever the fuck they want. Also? I've got an in with a manger now. Since I know how to do her job (better than her, I might add, even after her training), she comes to me whenever she needs to know how to do something. She'll always assume I know more than her, and she'll always let me slide when I don't do things she wants me to do.

So, I didn't get the promotion, and I'm still exactly where I was this time last year. Except...I have a new store manager who seems to think the world of me. I've applied for several different positions at the store, and each time I was overlooked for the position. Each time I was called into his office, and each time he informed me that, although I didn't get the position, they were all very impressed with me, and everyone respected me quite a lot, which is...really saying something since I've only been working there a year, and I really only know how to run a cash register.

Funny thing...they like me where I am so much, that they won't even consider teaching me to do anything else. I've finally managed to win that battle, to some degree. I'm now occasionally scheduled to do overnight price changes...which is always fun, even when I'm absolutely exhausted afterwords.

Anyway...moving on.

I've finally procured my permit, and now am a step closer to learning how to drive. That manager that I hated from work? She gave me her old car when she bought a new one. Like...literally gave me the car. She even paid to have the title signed over. It made me feel a little guilty for hating her...but I mean...I probably wouldn't have hated her if I hadn't worked underneath her...she seemed to be a decent lady, for the most part...just....annoying as hell.

I neglected the car for so long it won't start, now. My dad said it was probably the battery, so I'm in the process (slowly), of getting it fixed up so I can drive it. Once that happens, I can take it across the street to the church parking lot and start learning how to drive. I'm terrified, by the way. It took me forever to just turn the key and turn the car on...I had to have someone sit in the car with me the whole time. I have a year to learn to drive...hopefully I'll make progress soon.

We now have another cat. She kinda...migrated into our home. Originally we were just babysitting while our friend relocated his possessions to a new apartment. But you know...things happen. And he ended up just moving in with his grandmother...and as such he couldn't take his cat back. She's sweet as can be, but she and Tesla don't get along in the slightest. If I didn't have Tesla, I'd probably love the newbie. She's growing on us, though, and she's better off here than with our friends' old roommates. So, I guess she's stuck with us.

I filed my first set of taxes, ever...I still don't understand the system, and it just serves to piss me off. How hard is it for the government to take what they want out of my paycheck over the course of a year? Like, is it too much to ask that they do that slowly, rather than demand money all at once? I kinda never have that kind of money just sitting around. Not that we really had to pay too much, but...it's still frustrating.

We bought a lamp for the apartment, finally. Over a year after we first moved in, we finally decided that maybe we'd like to have light in the living room after the sun set. I mean, for a while we were just using old Christmas lights and Halloween lights. And that was/is pretty rad...but this lamp thing is sweet as hell.

We're slowly getting the house tidied up, which is both awesome and frustrating. Supposedly the state is dropping by to install weatherstripping to our drafty windows for the coming winter season...and we need to have everything in such a state that they don't have to trip over things to get to our walls. It's hard, cause I'm not a good cleaner-upper. I hate doing housework, and rarely have enough time to do it...but now I don't have a choice, so it's happening.

The sinks full of dishes have shrunk to a sink, and a part of a countertop. This would be faster/easier if our dishwasher actually worked, but it hasn't ever run...I tried once, but it just leaked water all over the floor and didn't drain like it was supposed to. Not worth all the work it took. Hopefully when the state comes by, we can get the maintenance folks to patch it up, and the dishes won't stack up as much.

The bedroom is organized for the most part, and it's really...awesome...feeling....to have a clean and organized room.

We've discovered the magic of Netflix and are totally addicted. It's so amazing, all the things that it has to offer. I've watched so much TV lately...Dexter, Rescue Me, and just....classic movies that I never got the chance to see.

I've become a hardcore Rock Band addict, even if I can't play on any difficulty above Medium. It's still fun, and I still invest way too much money into it.

In the past year I've grown up a lot. I've actually started acting like an adult. Balancing bills and funtime, cleaning up the house, and keeping food in the house for us and the cats. It's really pretty awesome to be a grown-up.

I've gone through a lot of sadness, being away from everything I ever grew up with, and living so far away from my family and friends. It's hard, knowing that I can't just call up my mom and see her within half an hour. Or to know that I can't just ring Kristin up out of the blue and arrange a time for her to pick me and my sister and Cory up to run and see some random movie in theaters that I've been dying to see.

But I think the hardest part has been coming to terms with the fact that I'm an adult now. I'm probably never going to move back to Washington. And even if I do, life's never going to be what I remember it being. My parents are selling the house I grew up in, and they and my sister are moving down south. I don't know anyone who lives in Sultan, anymore...and even the ones I know, I don't remember/like all that well. My friends have all grown up and moved away also. It'd be too hard to arrange a time or place that'd be convenient for all of us to get together. Hell, I can't even just pick up the phone to call any of them anymore, because I live 3 hours in the future, and everyone has jobs and school and...family and friends to hang out with.

I'm all alone over here. I don't drive, so I don't go far from home. I can't just decide to meet up with people after work, because I don't have any way to get to the location. But that's the next hurdle I tackle. And I'm sure I'll grow up even more from that.

Overall? I think I like what I'm turning into. Even amongst the bumps and bruises I've suffered/am suffering, I'm persevering. I'm facing my issues, instead of hiding behind people and things. And I'm a stronger person for it. And there's a whole future out there for me to explore.

I know I've promised this before...but for real this time. I'm going to update this thing. So please keep an eye on it, alright? Maybe not every week, since I don't even get on my computer every week anymore...but at least once a month. Please don't forget about me?
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21 July 2009 @ 08:50 pm
Pfft. D<

Give me internets. D<

04 July 2009 @ 03:10 pm
I still hate my manager...but she's started to actually treat my like a human being, and that actually makes me really happy. Like, it's made my job enjoyable again. She actually makes me feel like maybe I'm better at my job than I thought. I'm like her personal assistant. I keep things running well, and she asks me to help her when she needs it. She even tells me why I should do what I'm doing. I'm actually really excited about that.

Since that's happened, I've gone back to not hating my job. As much. Most days.

Some days it still really sucks.

The entire misses side of the registers no longer reads debit cards. It only takes credit. No one's seen fit to fix that. The first register on the misses side doesn't work right anymore. The register drawer doesn't open, so you can't give change. The register that they want us to work at is starting to slow down. The pin pad doesn't work at it at all anymore. It prints a signature slip for every transaction that's not cash or check. Which is very annoying.

I used to really enjoy working on the misses side of the registers...and it's still fun. Just more work. Who's surprised that that's where they've started throwing me?

They've also started scheduling me almost exclusively for mornings. Which I guess is okay...because I'd have to be up that early anyway, to pick Harold up from work...
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24 June 2009 @ 12:41 pm
I hate you. I hate you so much, that I can't believe you're not dead already. Why the hell can't I hate you to death? Why is that not possible. I wish you would die. I wish something would disembowel you, or that rabid animals would eat you alive. I wish you the most horrifying death possible.

I'm so fucking sick of you hovering just around the corner, waiting for me to fuck up so you can tell me about it 10-15 times within the next day or so. I'm so tired of how you feel the need to tell everyone just what the hell they're doing wrong. Like you're so fucking perfect yourself. Like you don't shit or something. I'm sick of receiving stupid-ass notes about things that happened several days in the past, and were no goddamned big deal. If you don't fucking catch it within a day, fucking let it go.

If you're going to tell me how to do something, have the decency to show me. Have the common courtesy to remember my damn name when you're asking me in that accusing tone of voice if I had anything to do with whatever the hell you found wrong this time. I don't know what the hell the last person at the register was doing, and why the hell should I? I'm responsible for me. It isn't my fault your dumbass can't take the time to do things that need to be done.

Quit being a bitch. Stop standing around waiting for people to fuck up. Try doing something that needs to be done, instead of acting as though every little tiny thing you do couldn't possibly be done by a damned trained monkey, and probably better at that! I could run the damn store better than you. You're doing a shitty job.

Yelling at people in front of the customers does not dictate good customer service. Neither does taking over my transaction and acting as though I'm some sort of dimwit that hasn't a clue what to do with herself.

Show some concern if I ask you for a bandaid. Don't look at me like I stabbed myself in the finger with your retarded ass security measures on purpose. You think I go around stabbing myself for attention? There are so many better ways to get it, ones that don't hurt so damned much. I had a bruise on my finger for a week, and thanks so damned much for bringing me that bandaid. You know. The one I asked for while trying not to bleed on the customer's clothes? You sure were a huge help there.

You ever stop to wonder why nothing's done the way you want it? I can tell you why. Because your way is fucking stupid and doesn't work. Also the way you ask just makes everything in my body scream to do the exact opposite. You know why I haven't quit and left your godforsaken register-trained apes to fend for themselves? Because then you'd have what you so obviously want. And I can't have you thinking you're any better than you are.

For the last time, I don't want to ride home with you. I'd rather get mugged or raped than listen to a minute more of your yammering on about shit that doesn't pertain to me. I don't want your 'charity', and I don't care that you think it's safer for me to ride with you. Why the hell do you think I carry an asp? For shits and giggles? I can take care of myself. I'm not five years old, I don't need you to clean up after me. Stop acting like you're doing me favors, because you're not. I'd be better off bleeding in the street than under your care.

You know what? I'm thrilled that you spent damn near an hour looking for me after work that one day. Fucking thrilled. I'm glad you wasted your gas and your time. I did that on purpose. I intentionally left before you. I snagged a ride with someone else, and didn't tell you. Because I want you to suffer.

That day that our store manager got on you about shit that needed to be done? I could not have been happier at how upset you were. I wish you would have quit. You're too god-damned old to be working there anyway. I'm shocked you're still alive. I'm sure it's just all the menace you have inside of you. You're too damned righteous to die, aren't you? The world would fall to shit without you here to tape it back together. Well you're wrong. And the world's a shithole anyway. What are you doing to fix it? Nothing, that's what.

You know why your husband died? Because you wouldn't let his mistakes go. You hounded him to death. You waited for him to fuck up so you could remind him of it every time he looked at you wrong. He died to get the hell away from you. I hope that made you happy, because he's probably happier wherever the hell he ended up.

I go home almost every day that I work with you seething mad. I'm mad for hours later. The way you treat your employees is shitty at best. I'm stunned you haven't been fired. The only reason you're still working there is because no one has the balls to step up to you and tell you what they think. You have everyone so damned scared of you that you get whatever the hell you want. You've made wonderful employees quit, I'm sure. I've never witnessed it, but I'd almost rather be dead than work with you.

No one will mourn you if you die. We will celebrate over your grave. I hope you burn.
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13 June 2009 @ 11:38 pm
What the hell. I mean really, what the hell? Was it 'make Kyla's day shitty' day today? Cause, it certainly felt like it.

I'm a pretty decent worker. Or at least, that's what I tell myself. I do what's asked of me, and then I push it a little further. If there aren't any customers nearby, and no one's wanted to buy anything for the past couple minutes, I go and I start straightening up the areas around my register. I size clothing, and I move things to where they should be. I put like clothes with like clothes. The way I'd like a store to be if I went shopping. I fold clothes, and put things on the shelves where they go. I even go around to each of the registers and straighten up the shelves of bags, so that nothing's laying on the floor, or is shoved in the very back of the bay. I do my part.

I always take all of my recovery items to the back of the store where they go. Hell, I even go so far as to take other people's back as well, if they're in my path to the back of the store. When I have to close the store, I go through and pre-count down my registers, check if things need change, and organize the media files before it needs to be done, so that when the doors close, everyone can leave the store when they're supposed to. Managers have commended me on this.

I'm nothing but nice to the customers, and I'm apparently always in a good mood at work, or at least quite happy-looking and sounding.

I do my best to sell the credit card we offer, and usually get at least one credit before I leave the store for the day.

I am all around, a damned decent cashier, and most places would be thrilled to have me work for them. I don't complain about my hours, and I'm always more than happy to come in if someone calls off. I'm available 24 hours a day, and I live a 15 minute walk from the store, so I'm there rain or shine. I've only ever called off once.

So the day before yesterday, when I went to clock out, I was in a hurry, and flustered. It'd been a busy day, and my replacement was a little late. I tried to round everything up so that I could take it back and clock out as quickly as possible, so as not to throw off the hours I was working (and so that we would come in alright on payroll). I usually clock out about 5-10 minutes after I'm scheduled to do so. I'd clock out on time, but no one else clocks in that 5 minutes early we're allowed, so we're always running a little late. I accidentally forgot my holds up at the register. I assumed it wouldn't be a big deal, since I always go out of my way to help everyone else out. Apparently I was very wrong. I forget to do something ONCE. Just once. And I get two notes about it. I could understand one. I even understood the first one being from the cashier who replaced me. But there was no call for my supervisor to write me a 'reminder' note about it. The cashier had already addressed the issue, and she wrote me the note 2 days later! As if I always leave my stuff laying around the registers! I know for a fact that other cashiers leave their recovery at the registers for days and days! I've had to take back things that were up at the register for over a week before! And I know that she doesn't write any of them notes. It's not like it would be hard to find out who was doing it, either.

But no. I'm the only one. I had everything rounded up, and it was in a centralized location. I had moved it a register back, so that I would have room to stand in the register bay, so when I grabbed everything else, my arms were already full, and I was flustered. I didn't even think to look back and see my holds.

It wouldn't have taken them long to put them where they went when they closed that night. Really, it wouldn't have been a big deal at all. And now suddenly I'm the person that's in the wrong, because I forgot to do something once. I'm being reprimanded for something that happens every goddamned day in that store.
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18 April 2009 @ 10:16 pm
Well. I do. Granted, they aren't fantastic, or even fascinating....but they're my kitties. And that's really all the reason I posted today. Cause I has pictures of mah babies.

There's Tess-Tess. She's a pretty kitty.

Pretty demonic.

Then there's Godric.

And more pictures here!

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11 April 2009 @ 02:18 pm
So, it's been several months to a year since I last even really looked at my livejournal account. I doubt anyone here really even remembers me, if I was ever even a part of their little communities. That doesn't really bother me.

Okay, maybe it bothers me a little. But only a little. It's not super important to me. You all are just internet people anyway. It's a different breed of people.

Anyway. The point is...I'm kinda sorta back. Back in the sense that I now log onto my computer more often than every few weeks. It's more like once a week, or more. I took a break, having moved in with my boyfriend across the country. But now that things have calmed down a bit, and I've settled into a routine, I decided I needed to come back. Not for the internet people. Gosh no.

I've come back because this is the perfect place to call home. I don't have to talk to anyone I don't want to, and I can say whatever I want. I can use this to keep everyone across the country from me up to date on my life. Or as up to date as I care to keep them/they care to keep. It's a two-way street. Just as I have to put forth the effort to type all this out, they have to put forth the effort to read it.

So, what's new with me, that I bother to post, you ask? Surprisingly little, and yet, amazingly much. I still sit on my ass and do a whole lot of nothing, but it's in an apartment across the country in Ohio. An apartment that my flimsy little cashier's job at Kohl's helps to pay rent on. That's right, I have a job. A job that I walk to, because I have yet to bother with learning to drive. Not that I don't need to now more than ever...

Harold works down the street at Wal-Mart. He constantly comes home angry or sad. He hates every second of his job, and I'm so pathetic I can't do a thing to help him. I'm too chickenshit to learn to drive, even though there are all sorts of people who would teach me if I asked. He tries so hard to get me involved in his writing, but I'm so uncreative, I can't bring myself to help him. I don't know what it is he wants from me, but he won't stop trying. He's always sick. I don't think he's been well a day since I got here, and he won't do a thing to help himself. He doesn't take time off. Days that he has off, he spends cleaning the house, because my lazy ass doesn't take care of it when I get home from work.

Speaking of work, it's tiring. I only work part time, but I can't imagine working full time. I don't know how I would ever get anything done. Not that I get a whole lot done as it is, but I'm sure I'd get less done that way. Perhaps it would be worth it, though, since we'd have about twice as much money from me, which translates to enough money to sit easy on bills, rather than worry about them and all the little surprise charges that pop up.

We spend so much money on whatever the hell we feel like spending it on that we rarely have the appropriate money for groceries on hand. We somehow always manage to pay our bills, though God only knows how. When we finish spending money on bills, we buy minimal groceries. We've actually had to break into our ramen noodle stockpile lately. I often forget that I like to eat meat, so it's always a surprise when we can afford to buy something that has real meat in it, and not stuff like pepperoni or re-hydrated beef chunks.

I can't really complain about that though. I'm still alive, and when we buy food, it's always tasty. Of course, it's always centered around what he likes to eat and drink. I can't even be upset about that, since he earns the majority of the money. He earns it, and then spends both of our paychecks. There are all sorts of practical things I'd like to spend it on, but it's always overrode by him. He sees something he wants/"needs", and I can't help but let him get it, because he works so hard, and is always so upset when he gets home. It only placates him for a little while, and then he's right back to where he was before, unfortunately. Maybe one day I'll be able to make him happy, rather than just momentarily giddy over something I let him get.

I have a cat. Well, two cats, actually. We bought one of them as a kitten. Her name is Tesla. She's an adoreable thing, even if she is a terror. She's an American Shorthair (I think), and a calico. Absolutely gorgeous. And spoiled rotten. She gets pretty much whatever she wants. Even if it's not right away, she knows that she owns us. Then there's Godric. Harold picked him up from the cardboard dumpster at his work, and he's been with us ever since. He's a mellow cat, and he's finally started to gain himself some weight back, which I'm happy about. He's even started playing every now and again. He's a little skittish, but he's the friendliest thing you've ever met.

We bought the new NDSi when it came out last week, and Harold does love it, so I can't be upset at the purchase.

I realized that I had the last Twilight audiobook for several months just a few days ago, so I'm happily listening to it. I don't really know what I'm going to listen to once I finish it off, but I guess we'll see from there. I forgot what an ordeal reading a story is for me. I get stressed out over it, and nothing sits right until I finish it and finally know what happens to everyone.

I think I've become obsessed with giving out answers on Yahoo!Answers... It's an odd hobby, considering I really know very little. However, it is entertaining to see the kind of stupid stuff people ask.

I'm sure I've got more to say, but right now I'm becoming distracted. I had to be at work at 6:45 this morning, and I only just got off an hour ago. Plus the house smells like Godric-crap. Which is one of the furthest things from pleasant that there is.

I'll post an entry again when the fancy strikes me. Yanno, update everyone on my miserable existance. Not that anyone cares, but it's nice that it's there.
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